(New!) Single Brick
(New!) Single Brick

(New!) Single Brick

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The semi-instant hijab, Nouraa Shawl,  is as luminous as her name suggests. It brings out your best side and vibrancy throughout the day! Sewn from a premium crepe, it drapes effortlessly and flows beautifully! Very comfortable and ideal to wear in this uncertain weather. With commendable transparency (very near opaque), it's time to ditch your normal chiffon shawl! 



Measurement: Approximately 2mx0.75m

Material: Premium Crepe

Transparency: Very near opaque  (lighter colours may need an inner for complex styling)

Coverage: Long and wide


Product Care

It is best to hand wash the shawl.


Note: Colours may vary slightly due to camera flash, studio lighting or screen resolution. Actual colour appears darker. 

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