(New!) Ocean Blue
(New!) Ocean Blue

(New!) Ocean Blue

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If you have already loved Aulaa Shawl, you will surely fall in love with Aulaa Instant Shawl in no time! Using similar fabric, Aulaa Instant is carefully sewn into a 2 loop instant shawl. No pin, no fuss! Comes in 10 pretty colours, this 5 seconds shawl is to fall head over heel for! 



Measurement: 2mx0.75m

Material: Georgette Crepe

Transparency: Near opaque 

Coverage: Long and wide

Others: Curve back


Product Care

It is best to hand wash the shawl.


Note: As the material is slightly stretchable, it will give a wavy-seam finish. Colours may vary slightly due to camera flash, studio lighting or screen resolution. *Please allow slight variance from the last production/batch.