Our Journey

24thdresses believes in providing excellent quality and wallet-friendly apparel. Founded by a woman who believes beauty and simplicity are best friends, 24thdresses reflects both qualities at its best. Our collections, ranging from dresses to shawls, unveil that simple looking apparel can look hot on you no matter what your skin colour is! ;)

The founder, Siti Abdul, kicked off the business by selling dresses among her friends when she was juggling postgraduate studies and weekend teaching. When she turned 24, she was very much inspired and driven to launch a small instagram shop (hence 24thdresses!).

Recently, we have started our #24thdressesgivesback campaign which involves giving little portion of our profits to charitable organisations. Apart from that, we are also looking into using recycled/recyclable packaging.

24thdresses earned trust and wonderful customers (we would love to call them friends!) from word of mouth. Currently 24thdresses is focusing on producing its own label clothing. ;)


Our Founder Siti back in Scotland. She's wearing #AulaaInstantShawl




Updated on Monday 3/12/2018.